3 reasons to start your own business and 3 reasons to run like Hell from it.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The Good

  1. You get to create your own future! It’s up to you and all in your control. The ability to take charge, make the decisions and create a valuable product or service that you can provide to your customers is a powerful thing.
  2. Flexibility! People are correct when they say you have more flexibility than a job can provide. I love being able to take a day or weekend off to be at a sporting even for the kids or if a sick day was needed. Having real flexibility like that is one of the major reasons I chose my career when I was young.
  3. You can be your own boss! Knowing there is no-one but yourself to answer to is a liberating feeling. Deadlines are created by you and fulfilled by you, not by some overlord who gets acclaim for the job being completed. There’s no applying for budget increases if you need a new computer and no need to justify having to buy nicer stationary. This is your business, you get to make the rules.

The Bad

  1. Sometimes you get paid! You heard that right… sometimes you will get paid. Having an amazing product or service is one thing, but having a target market that actually wants to give you their money? That’s an entirely different beast. Not only is finding customers not easy and takes longer than we want, we still have the dreaded accounts receivable… some clients simply don’t like to pay.
  2. Flexibility can create problems! It sounds amazing to be able to pick and choose your hours, but if you pick hours that clients don’t want, they won’t give you their business. Customers love consistency, and if you confuse a customer, you lose the customer.
  3. Your boss sucks! Yeah, sure you can choose when you want to work, but the reality is that you will punish yourself for taking time off. Entrepreneur guilt is a real mind game. And let’s talk about pay raises… do you know your value and are you willing to stand by it?

Is it worth having your own business?

The answer, of course, it… It Depends.



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